Bored of sending out the same old branded mailing bags?

Maybe you’ve had the same designs for a while now, and you’re keen to freshen things up. Perhaps you’ve never looked into personalising your mailout merchandise before, and you want to explore ways of setting your mailing bags apart.

Either way, there’s never been a better time to spruce up your mailing bags with the help of our talented in-house team!

Plain, empty designs will do nothing for your brand. Sure, the bags you use will still get your orders from A to B – but rather than seeing them purely as a practical tool, you could use their surface areas to your advantage by finding an opportunity to share text, instructions, fun illustrations, or simply your company’s logo, if you really want to keep things simple.

It’s easy to forget that your mailers can be customised in the same way as your other packaging, but we’re here to remind you that anything is possible (with a little help and lashings of inspiration, of course).

The bags above, created in partnership with Amber & Noah, are a great example of how we can help you utilise as much space as possible, without overwhelming your recipients with a cluttered or unbalanced design.

These custom postage bags are branded to the hilt – they include a large format version of the company’s eye-catching logo, and we’ve made good use of their brand colours (that pink hue is so lush, isn’t it?). However, we’ve also made sure that key company information is present and visible. The messaging encourages the customer to connect with the retailer on their preferred social media accounts and share photos of their products in their own homes.

Custom polybags are also an excellent addition to any mailer pack. The clear printed polybag on the left can be popped into the mailing bag itself for extra protection (and extra branding!).

Here’s another selection of custom printed mailing bag designs. For these projects, we created products with a more understated look. The muted colours and classy typefaces lend themselves beautifully to brands that want to achieve a more premium aesthetic.

And why stop at branded mailing bags? We can help you roll out your exciting new design ideas across your entire range of merchandise, from your bags, boxes, and tags to the smaller yet just as important details, including your bespoke packaging tape and tissue paper.

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