Are you using thank you cards to promote your products further?

You’ve made a sale online, which means you’ve done something right!

But are you making the most of this opportunity to introduce your customer to the rest of your product catalogue?

More specifically, are you packing your mailer bags and mailer boxes full of extra collateral that might encourage the purchaser to browse your range, visit your website, or engage with your marketing in some other way?

In the same manner that POS displays encourage greater spends in brick-and-mortar stores, your printed merchandise can be used to upsell and cross-sell your products at the point your customer gets their goods.

Popping leaflets or flyers in with your invoice or receipt is a discreet yet effective means of placing your wider collection in front of someone who has (hopefully) already had a positive experience of your brand and will be open to exploring everything else you have to offer.

But do you know what can help strengthen your buyer relationships further, while at the same time showcasing subtle messaging that can inspire their next call to action?

Bespoke thank you cards!

Bespoke thank you cards

We’ve spoken about the value of thank you cards in the past. Sharing gratitude demonstrates that you appreciate your fans and followers – and your customers want to feel like their business means something to you.

But from a promotional perspective, you can also use your custom thank you cards to:

  • Share additional information, such as a link to your website or a particular landing page
  • Point people in the direction of your latest release or collection, with a ‘get there first’ message to add a sense of urgency
  • Persuade your customers to follow your social media accounts – something that’s very important for increasing brand awareness and improving engagement across these channels
  • Get your customers to tag their purchase via social media so that others can see your goods in their own home
  • Provide exclusive discounts or special offers – ‘refer a friend for money off your next purchase’ initiatives work well  

Your branded thank you cards are marketing tools in disguise. In our opinion, they’re a valuable addition to any mail-out. What’s more, they’re cheaper to produce than you think – even with fully bespoke designs included! The recycled board used in their construction adds a much-needed eco element to these products that will satisfy environmentally conscious brands, too. Take a look at the client images here for inspiration or contact the team here at Hallmark Labels directly to discuss your campaign ideas in more detail with one of our consultants.

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