A closer look at the true value of woven labels

Never underestimate the importance of leaving a brilliant first impression. That’s the mantra that the team here at Hallmark Labels lives by. As one of the most established label printers and manufacturers in the UK, there’s nothing we don’t know about using quality merchandise to make your brand sing – and we’re huge advocates of using woven labels in place of regular printed labels to elevate your image that little bit further.

Don’t get us wrong, our custom printed labels and care labels are a great option for most businesses. But as we’ve spoken about many times, woven labels have a slight edge when it comes to supporting a more premium brand identity. Available in a variety of materials – including satin, damask, and taffeta – woven labels offer an added tactility that standard printed labels simply cannot replicate. They’re made with recycled yarn, which means they are a more sustainable choice, and they are surprisingly affordable for a product of their calibre, so they’re not out of reach for brands on a budget.

Learn more about the key differences between printed labels and woven labels.  

It’s one thing for us to describe the premium look and feel of our bespoke woven labels – but let’s talk you through some recent project examples so you can see for yourself just how attractive and versatile these products really are.

The luxury of choice

As you can see from the images here, woven labels lend themselves well to all sorts of designs, from simple monochrome styles to more intricate illustrations. Woven labels can also be folded in more unusual ways, meaning they can be added to even the most hard-to-reach places within your garments or accessories.

Go bold

Want to create labels with a more dramatic aesthetic? Opt for classic black and white designs, like these clients have! The thick black border around Maison Des Rêves’ creations looks particularly striking and suits their luxury brand perfectly.

Keep things colourful

If you’re keen to produce something more eye-catching, take a leaf out of Mays’ book and use colour to great effect within your designs. As a highly experienced woven label supplier, we excel at helping our customers explore ways of using the available space to their advantage, and this often involves incorporating brand colours into their templates. We can add up to eight different coloured threads to each label, so there’s the chance to get really creative, if you want to!

Attention to detail

Finally, Suffolk Silk’s label demonstrates that creating more intricate designs is also possible with our woven labels. Using damask allows us to weave finer details such as more complicated logos and vector illustrations into the finished result. Wondering if woven labels are the right choice for your next project? There’s only one way to find out. Speak to Hallmark Labels today for expert advice on which label type and style will best suit your requirements. You can reach us on 020 8532 0620, or email us directly via sales@hallmarklabels.com.

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