3 great examples of our bespoke Kraft paper mailing bags

We’re always making the case for paper mailing bags.

And with many UK retailers swapping out their plastic counterparts and embracing paper-based merchandise – including Marks and Spencer, which, after a successful trial across stores in January, decided to make this vital move earlier in the year – the trend for embracing renewable, reusable carriers across our industry really is in full swing.

Kraft paper mailing bags are a fantastic choice for businesses that want to go greener but also want their designs to retain their premium look and feel. To sum up their biggest benefits in just a few lines, Kraft bags are:

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Manufactured with FSC certified materials
  • Sturdy and robust for complete protection for many kinds of items
  • Created with two adhesive strips and a tear strip, meaning they are a versatile option for any company that regularly ships out items to customers
  • Easy to open, pack and close, ensuring they are suitable for returns
  • An affordable option for cost-conscious companies
  • Available in low MOQs, so you can try them out before you commit to a larger purchase

As always, our Kraft bags can be customised with your own branding; your design can be as minimalistic or as complex as you like!

As you’ll see in the below video, our Kraft paper mailing bags are fully waterproof, making them the ideal choice for e-commerce businesses looking for complete durability in their choice of packaging.

Why not go the whole hog and add printed tissue paper and custom thank you cards to your order, too? These items will add a bit of tactility and intrigue to each customer’s experience, helping to set your brand apart from the rest.  

Don’t want to stop at simply ordering Kraft mailing bags? Click here for more sustainable packaging ideas.

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